Harry says… (cupcake)

We have a very dear friend, Cathryn, whom Harry adores. She also happens to be a pretty amazing cook and we are often the lucky recipients of her delicious baked treats.

Her name is on high rotation on Harry’s talker and is often quickly followed by the word  ‘cupcake’!

Recently, he took it up a notch and put together this little gem whilst Cathryn was on the phone…

H📱: Cathryn cupcake kitchen cook

And then this morning we received this wonderful delivery from her…

(post continues after image)

Harry still predominantly uses 1 or maybe 2 words in a row to communicate his message on his talker, so seeing him  put together longer thoughts is so exciting. He’s very effective at getting his message across using just a few words, so it’s definitely becoming important for us to start showing him how to expand on this. And it looks like he’s certainly ready for that next challenge.

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