Harry says… (mum plane)

J, H and T picked me up from the airport as I had been at the life-changing AGOSCI conference. Click here and here to read my overviews of the conference.

As I walk (read: run like a crazy mama) over to H, he is saying…

H📱: mum mum mum

J prompts me to look in the message window of his communication app and it looks like this: mum mum mum mum mum mum… You get the picture! Heart all melty.

J has promised H we’ll watch the planes at the airport so as we’re queuing for coffees (it was a red-eye flight) before going to see the planes H says this to me:

H📱: mum / show and tell / plane

Wow wow wow, I am completely blown away! Firstly, a 3 word sentence (amazing) and how cool for him to tell me that he wants to talk about planes for his show and tell at childcare.

Later we’re at home and he’s decided to switch to his PODD book to chat. We’re discussing what he wants me to program in for his show and tell…

H📒: out to eat

M📒: at airport watch plane

H📒: fly

H📢: (much giggling and excitement)

Love that he’s his mother’s child and wants to tell everyone that he went out to eat and that he knows how clever he is for finishing my response with the word ‘fly’.

I am blown away!

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