Harry says…(Harry yells…)

We’re in the car heading to an early morning physio appointment. Harry and Tallulah are in the back both having a good ‘ol chat to themselves from what I can tell. No one seems keen to grab my attention, so I turn up the volume on the radio and have a little sing-a-long. In case you haven’t gathered yet, I’m quite partial to a spot of car karaoke – check out our Facebook post from 27 May.

Just then, I hear this blaring from Harry’s talker…

H📱 (shouting): It’s time to play

It looks like someone has found the ‘yell’ button. We all absolutely crack up laughing and Harry follows with this…

H📱: I love you

There’s nothing quite like a shared joke (and some shouting and singing) to get the happiness going on a winter’s day.

UPDATE: Harry is now at expert level of switching his talker to yell volume, however, we’re still working on him getting it back to talk volume. I spend quite a bit of time now saying this…

M📢: I can hear you Harry, no need to yell. Go to edit and controls and press talk volume please.

H📢: (giggles at me and continues to shout)

Sigh. (And yes, that’s a fake sigh, I’m completely stoked that I have to tell my child to stop shouting and I’m not going to get over that any time soon!)

Here’s to all the shouting AAC kids – keep shouting and let your voices be heard (except when we’re trying to put your little brothers and sisters to bed please)!

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