Harry says… (go babycino coffee)

It’s Sunday morning which means one thing in our household – pyjamas, potentially all day, and chocolate smothered pancakes.

We’re happily eating pancakes quicker than Jamie can cook them when Harry says…

H📱: go babycino coffee


In addition to the Harryesque cuteness of his permanent desire for babycinos, there are a few things about those 3 words that have me a bit excited.

He didn’t just say babycino even though he knows that he can pretty much get his message across in one word. We’ve really been challenging him recently to move beyond this with a few tactics that I’ll share soon. And seeing him putting together longer sentences is so rewarding.

Even though his dad makes a mean (read: heavy handed on the chocolate sprinkles) babycino, Harry intentionally chose ‘go’, this boy wants a barista made babycino and probably a spot of socialising too.

And finally, he masterfully put a little sweetener in to ensure his parents were right on board with his request – ‘coffee’. If our kids know one thing, it’s that coffee-filled parents are happy-filled parents!

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