Harry says… (not fair)

Yesterday evening I posted on Facebook about programming some words in to Harry’s talker to allow him to have some good old fashioned sibling rivalry with his little sister. And the wonderful Facebook community shared some glorious phrases overheard from their youngsters. (I’ve popped a list of them all at the end of this blog post for all the AAC parents out there)

This morning, in between mouthfuls of weetbix and yoghurt, I showed H the new phrases in his talker. I selected ‘not fair’ and was about to chat about things that might be ‘not fair’ when I see H press the ‘descriptions’ folder, followed by the ‘weather’ folder to then say this…

H📱: not fair rain

Well, that was unexpected!* But what an absolutely perfect thing for a 5 year old boy to be whinging about with all this miserable rain keeping him from playing outside. And how absolutely perfect that he is able to whinge about that and anything (or anyone) else that bugs him.

*Yet another little reminder that I don’t know nor can I expect to know what Harry is thinking and wants to talk about at any time. And that’s why he has access to ALL the words and I’ll keep adding more.

For all the AAC parents, here is a list of the phrases that were shared on my Facebook post in case there is something here that is just what’s missing from your child’s device or your modelling repertoire!
not fair
give it back
my turn
not like that
that’s not right
I didn’t do that
you’re bossy
I’ll tell mum
she did it first
that’s mine
you’re messing it up
you’ve got more than me
you have to share
I’ll trade you
just you wait
she started it
I had it first
she took my…
all mine
you don’t love me anymore

Good luck! 🙂        


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