Harry says… (I love you #2)

Our wonderful Harry turned 5 a few days ago! 5! I am still trying to process that I am a mum to a 5 year old. And what a wonderful 5 year old he is.

We shared a quiet day with close family and managed to squeeze in the Harry essentials – unlimited go’s on the flying fox courtesy of a quiet early morning park, chocolate cake, pressies and of course a bit of basketball to end a perfect Harry day.

Image of Harry on the flying fox smiling with his dad walking behind

J and I both believe that it’s important to instil good manners in H and we encourage him to use please and thank you. He doesn’t have to use his talker for these words and often he signs them and we will tell whomever is there what his sign meant – if they’re not already familiar with them.

Anyway, this cute little moment happened just after he had opened his present from Gogo…

As he’s finished tearing through the paper and is admiring his super cool jumper with “SUPER” emblazoned across the front of it (how appropriate), I prompt him to thank Gogo for his present.

He correctly goes straight to the ‘greetings and manners’ folder and his little finger hovers over ‘thanks’ but then he changes his mind and instead chooses to say…

H📱: I love you (whilst looking lovingly at his Gogo)

Heart smoosh.

And reason #12,359 for loving a robust communication system. What if he only had please and thank you as options when what he really wanted to say was ‘I love you’. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an ‘I love you’ over your run of the mill good manners any time!

FullSizeRender (10)
Harry’s birthday table showing a pink sign that says ‘Happy Birthday Harry’, a chocolate cake with a giant freckle on it in the shape of a 5 and cards and biscuits.


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