Harry says… (exciting dad)

Harry loves basketball. A LOT! And when I say ‘a lot’, I mean a lot a lot. In fact, one of his most favourite things to do on a Saturday is curl up with J on the couch and watch whatever NBA game J is streaming or watch the basketball episode on Humpty’s Big Adventure that I chatted about here. In fact, when we were preparing for his first meeting with Santa last Christmas and putting together some quick phrases on his Go Talk Now app to say to Santa, I’m sure you can guess what present he asked Santa for – a basketball hoop!

We’ve hesitated taking him to a basketball game because of the noise and sudden, sharp whistles, but when J had an early game a few days a go we decided to give it a bash to see how he would go.


Oh my goodness, the look on his face when the game started and he spotted his dad on a real life basketball court – gah, my heart just about exploded right out of my body.

And then literally the second the game started, Harry’s talker went flat. Yep, brilliant.

But you know what, these things happen and I just need to learn from them. H’s talker used to always last the day, but it looks like I now need to make sure that I check the battery level during the day and have a plan b in place – mini or his PODD book. Just anther reason to always have a low tech option around!

Luckily a resourceful friend rustled up a charger so all was not lost.

On the way home, with his talker back on track, H was just a bundle of excitement:

H📱: exciting – dad

I still get a thrill every time H joins words from totally different parts of the PODD as part of a single thought process when chatting. Exciting stuff…

 And a bit later:

H📱: my family – dad – my family – Daddy Pig – dad – dad – Tallulah – my family

I think it’s safe to say that J will have regular cheerleaders at basketball from now on.

PS. Daddy Pig is H’s nickname for his dad, usually followed by the sign for stinky! Hilarious child!

H excitedly pointing towards his dad on the basketball court.


2 thoughts on “Harry says… (exciting dad)

  1. Oh i cried last time but this one is an upper, how exciting for these boys to share their passion. Ups and downs, but so much love. Thanks for sharing xxx


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