Harry says… (jump fast)

We went wakeboarding a few weekends ago. And by ‘we’, I mean Jamie actually wakeboarded and the kids and I frolicked around on the banks of the river and watched from the boat. It’s been many years and a couple of pregnancies since I was brave enough to give it a go! Maybe next time…

Once we had cruised around on the boat a bit and established that H was okay with the noise, as he can be very sensitive to sound, it was time for J to dust off his wakeboard and see just how rusty he was.

The engine of the boat roared and up popped Jamie behind the boat.

Harry squealed with delight.

Tallulah shed a few tears.

H📱: jump fast (whilst squealing with excitement)

I don’t know why we were so worried about H not enjoying it, he really is his father’s child! T recovered quickly, even having a little nap on the boat.

J and H on the boat smiling and having the time of their lives
T sitting on my lap looking rather unimpressed

One more thing… ‘jump fast’ may look like a fairly easy word combination, but these are the buttons that Harry needs to select to say each word:

actions – j – jump*  descriptions – fast

And yes, that means a certain little someone is learning the alphabet too! Exciting times ahead!

*EDIT: H usually navigates to ‘jump’ like this (actions – movements – jump) which negates the need to use the alphabet, so watching him rather use to get to the word he wanted using the alphabet was hugely exciting! 

For those wanting a clearer image of what ‘jump fast’ looks like, take a look at J in his element…


2 thoughts on “Harry says… (jump fast)

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Michaela – and lovely to hear about his developing literacy skills too. I did have to look wake boarding up though!


    1. Thanks Jane! Yes, it’s really exciting to see the literacy coming in, so encouraging. Ha, I only found out what wakeboarding was when I met Jamie. It’s crazy what they can do behind a boat!


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