Harry says… (hospital)

We’re sitting around the breakfast table with Gogo, who was visiting, and chatting about our plans for the rest of the day.

I then turned to Harry and said that our friend Jane was going to be meeting us for babycinos after our bike ride. 

Quick side note: Jane was Harry’s first speech pathologist when he was in hospital and we still love catching up with her for coffee and babycinos. He doesn’t have this Jane as a button on his ‘people’ page in his talker, but he does have a carer from childcare in his talker who is also called Jane.

H📱: Jane 

M: Yes, we’re going to meet Jane, but it’s not that Jane. We’re going to meet Jane who we know from, places… 

As I say ‘places’, I press that button on his talker and quick as a flash Harry says…

H📱: hospital

Jamie, Gogo and I exchange a surprised glance. I quickly recover and say ‘yes, we’re meeting Jane who we know from the hospital’.

Even as I’m writing this, I have questioned myself – did I perhaps say Jane was from the hospital? Maybe I was leading him? 

And you know what, maybe I mentioned it and don’t remember. But maybe, no definitely, I should make the least dangerous assumption here and that assumption is – Harry knows exactly who Jane is and he absolutely remembers her from the hospital. 

And just making that decision is freeing – this isn’t the first time that Harry’s knowledge and capacity to learn has surprised, excited and humbled me and it surely won’t be the last.


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