Harry says… (afraid)

It’s vaccination day for the kids and, as I shared in Epiphany at the Eye Clinic, I now know the importance of having really thorough chats with Harry before any appointments that he may be feeling anxious or confused about.

No matter how well you have prepared it still doesn’t stop your heart from squishing with ache when this happens…

We’re in the doctor’s waiting room and chatting about what’s going to happen, when Harry says to me:

H📱: afraid


So I put on my big mum brave face and carefully modelled that the injection would be quick, he can say stop if he’s not ready yet and that we will be brave together.

In we went and I had Harry on my lap and was holding his talker to make sure that he felt in control with his voice right there. Not only did Harry watch the doctor put the injection in (seriously, who does that?!), but he didn’t shed a single tear! Just a flinch and a big cuddle with mum afterwards. Tough as nails this kid!

I must say that having really robust chats with Harry before doctor’s appointments (and the fact that Harry at 4 years old is already 1000% braver than his mum) is helping so much with our doctor’s appointments. Whilst it may hurt my heart knowing that Harry feels ‘afraid’, him not having the means to tell me that makes me feel much more afraid.


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