Harry says… (Tallulah Tallulah Tallulah)

It’s Sunday morning and Harry has been awake since some ridiculous hour that doesn’t start with a 6 or even a 5! Yikes! You’d never know it by looking at him mind you, his sparkly eyes and enthusiasm look like they belong to a 4 year old after a solid 12 hour sleep. One look at his parents though and the truth can clearly be seen – I may well have been spooning the coffee machine by this stage. But I digress.

H is in his high chair ready for our weekend tradition of chocolate chocolate chocolate pancakes when J walks in holding Tallulah who has just woken up. Immediately we hear this…

H📱: Tallulah Tallulah Tallulah hello Tallulah Tallulah (accompanied by excited squealing and pointing)

It made me think to a comment another mum of a PODD user (check out her blog here)  made about my last ‘Harry says…’ post where Harry kept repeating the word chocolate as he was so excited about the imminent pancakes with chocolate spread. She said; “I love to see how other PODD users also emphatically repeat words over and over. Lu does this all the time. I imagine it’s her way of shouting it loudly, maybe jumping up and down and pulling on my arm!”

I just love that! Harry may not (yet) have the ability to jump up and down or to create intonation to give his words the emotion that he wishes to covey, but he does have the power to emphatically repeat them over and over again. He can and he does. As if to say, this is really really (see what I did there?!) important to me and you must pay attention.

And if his repetition of Tallulah’s name puts her anywhere near the realm of importance of chocolate pancakes, well then I think we’re off to a pretty good start with the sibling love!


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