Harry says… (chocolate chocolate chocolate)

Weekends mean one thing (well, they mean lots of things but Harry definitely takes after his parents with his preoccupation with food) and that thing is pancakes cooked by dad and topped with chocolate spread my mum. That little fact even made it into his show and tell about me – good to know the things your kids want to tell other people about you.

Harry generally starts pancake chat about midway through Friday and then it reaches fever pitch whilst Jamie is flipping them!

Please enjoy this commentary from Harry whilst Jamie was cooking up the first batch…

H📱: chocolate muffin chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate cupcake hurry up chocolate chocolate pancake 

Look I can’t be completely certain, but I think that Harry is probably quite keen on chocolate pancakes!

I also love the odd little ‘muffin’ and ‘cupcake’ thrown in. They’re on the same page as ‘chocolate’ and equally as loved, so undoubtedly served as a momentary distraction, but he was quick to get back on track.


4 thoughts on “Harry says… (chocolate chocolate chocolate)

  1. I love to see how other PODD users also emphatically repeat words over and over. Lu does this all the time. I imagine it’s her way of shouting it loudly, maybe jumping up and down and pulling on my arm! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes, I also love hearing that it’s something that all PODD users do. That’s a great description, you’re so right it really is their way of jumping up and down to grab our attention!


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