Harry says… (The Father’s Day Edition)

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, those parents who have kids in childcare, kindy or school open satchels to find the lovingly crafted ties or cards to give to dad on Father’s Day. On Mother’s Day this year I was lucky enough to receive my first childcare-made card that was filled with reasons why Harry loves me. You can have a read about it here. Receiving a card from Harry knowing that the words were all his was incredibly special. Especially when the reasons include because “she buys me a bunny”. Nice try buddy!

Well, now it’s Jamie’s turn! Take a look at this gem…

Yep, that’s a picture of a carefully crafted tie, but on the other side it has a note from Harry that includes these gorgeous words:

He loves to…”be with my mum” (that’s a bit cute Harry)

He is best at…”throwing playing catch” 

He is not very good at…”driving” (ha ha ha)

I love him because…”he’s my friend”

Heart. Melt.

A big Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful, strong, loving, fun men out there caring for little ones.

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