Harry says… (I love you)

Harry is back in the hospital for an overnight stay. As frequent flyers to the children’s hospital he’s a bit of a rockstar in those halls and is on a flirt, I mean first name basis with many of the staff who work there.

We head over to paediatric admissions to check in and the lovely lady at the desk gives Harry a big, warm smile and says; “Hi Harry, I remember you.”

Harry waves at her and returns the smile with a glint in his eye. He reaches for his talker and goes straight to the ‘greetings and manners’ category, so it’s safe to assume that he’s about to say ‘hello’. However, as I’ve learnt on our AAC journey with Harry it’s best not to assume anything…

H📱: I love you

H📢: (lots of smiles and giggles)

Looks like someone was fishing for a room upgrade!

Quite a cute phrase for him to choose when ‘hello’ is just not quite the right greeting he’s after. Perhaps I need to program in a Ross from Friends inspired ‘howudoin’.

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