Harry says… (I need)

There are times when when “please can I have” and “I would like” are simply not the sentence starters of choice to get the importance of your message across…

Yesterday Harry and I had a very rare and very special afternoon together at the zoo. Harry managed to walk around the entire zoo in his walker which is an absolutely huge effort, I was super impressed! (Don’t worry, I had his pram there too but he insisted on being in his walker.)

It was only as we were going past the elusive pandas and had the exit in sight that he stopped and said…

H📱: I need a rest

M: Okay Harry, we’re nearly at the car

H📱: now

Luckily we made it to the car and swiftly replenished ourselves with babycinos and cupcakes. Phew!

H had his first full night’s sleep last night in I don’t even know how long. Yes, I am seeing a zoo membership and many more walks in our near future!  

This morning as Harry was finishing up his breaky and I was putting a very noisy Tallulah into her high chair I briefly noticed that he said something on his talker. I was distracted with trying to settle T though and missed what he said. H started gesturing towards me and vocalising, he was determined to get my attention. I went to him and looked at the last message on his talker…

H📱: I need a hug

Me too, my little braveheart, me too x

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