Harry says… (pretty)

A few months ago, I was preparing Harry’s show and tell for the following day. The theme was “my favourite dvd”. Harry told me his favourite dvd was The Wiggles (no surprises there),  his favourite Wiggle was Emma (wouldn’t have picked that) and he thought she was pretty (wait, what)! I programmed it all in for him into his Go Talk Now app and that was that.

Then, this past weekend, Emma Wiggle’s new show came on…

M: Harry, I think Emma Wiggle is… 

And quick as a flash my little casanova pipes up…

H📱: pretty

Ha ha ha, perfect, it looks like his first celebrity crush is still going strong. I might not mention the whole Lachy Wiggle engagement thing* to H.

*For those of you who aren’t across the romantic liaisons of children’s entertainers – Emma, the yellow Wiggle, and Lachy, the purple Wiggle, recently announced their engagement, crushing the hearts of 4 year old boys around the globe.

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