Harry says… (let’s do something else)

We’re having another great OT session where we’re focusing on getting Harry to use his right hand and, as it turns out, it was also a brilliant time for some hilarious Harry says moments…

His OT has just finished giving his right hand a warm up massage.

OT: There you go Harry, look how nice and relaxed righty is now.

H📱: Thank you

His OT and I are then having a quick chat about a few goals when…

H📱: Let’s do something else (this full sentence is programmed in as a single button)

Okay then, back to work!

And then a bit later in the session something amazing happens, Harry purposefully moves his fingers in his right hand. It was the tiniest of movements, but an accomplishment of huge proportions! This is the first time I have seen him move his fingers since he lost the use of his right arm as a result of his brain injury. I am beside myself! We’re cheering and clapping and brilliant Mr H comes out with this gem…

H📱: Congratulations

Cue even more cheering and crying!

Towards the end of the session, H is tiring. He worked so hard on getting his right arm moving, so of course it was time to let us know…

H📱: Let’s do something else

OT: Okay, Harry, we’re nearly done.

H📱: swimming

Um yep, we were off to hydrotherapy next. He really is nailing his schedule at the moment!

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