Harry says… (cake #2)

Harry is off to a birthday party on the weekend…again. Look, I can pretend all I want with the whole oh-whatever-just-another-kids-birthday-party mum routine, but the reality is that I am not even nearly over the novelty of Harry being invited to birthday parties. I also love that he gets just as many invitations from his therapy buddies as from his mainstream/typical (you know what I mean) buddies.

It takes some serious self-control not to burst into tears of joyous relief each time he receives an invitation or I find one in his pocket at childcare. And a couple of the childcare ones that have taken place at a bowling alley or trampoline venue have come with a note attached from the mum letting me know that they have checked with the venue to make sure it’s accessible or have made accommodations to ensure H is included. High five to you mainstream mums!

But I digress, here is the important cakey bit that happened whilst we were chatting about the most recent invitation…

M: H, look you’ve got an invitation to X’s party.

H📱: cake blow candles excited

M: And tomorrow we’re going to Z’s party.

H📢☝️: up (and then points to his calendar)

M: Sure, let’s write them up on your calendar.

The boy sure does love his cake and apparently 4 is not too young to get on top of your time management skills with an organised calendar. (Reckon I can introduce him to excel yet?!)

A little bit of M insight: for those who don’t know me that well, I am rather fond of a bit of organisation and am partial to an effective excel spreadsheet. 

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