Harry says… (The Mother’s Day Edition)

One of the many wonderful things about childcare (in addition to trying to get paint out of clothing and emptying sand-filled shoes and AFO’s) is all the beautifully crumpled pieces of art that come home stuffed into H’s backpack.  Sometimes it’s just a few lines of marker on a torn piece of paper.  Other times it’s lashings of brightly coloured paint where the pure joy of smearing paint on paper is evident with every stroke.

And then there are the Mother’s Day gifts.

In the past 2 years I have received hand made flowers, paintings, a glitter-encrusted framed portrait of H that sits on my dresser and is the reason I am generally out with at least one piece of glitter on my face.  But this year the Mother’s Day edition of childcare gifts has taken the cake.

When creating this glorious gift at childcare, H was asked why he loves me and because of his wonderfully robust communication app, he could choose any reason in the world.

And, well, you simply have to love the reasons a 4 year old has to love his mum…


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