Harry says… (exciting)

H has just started with a wonderful OT who’s doing some intensive therapy focusing on helping him to use his right hand as much as possible. 

He was incredibly focused throughout the 45 min session and gave each task everything he’s got. And all for a boy who prefers to use his mouth rather than his right hand! I was absolutely bursting with pride and I think he was too…

OT: Fantastic work with righty!

H📱: exciting 

Later on I was showing a video from the session to H’s carer, Lucy, whilst H was eating dinner.

L: Wow Harry, you’re amazing!

H📱: thank (he often presses ‘thank’ instead of ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’, but hey, as long as he’s being polite who cares!)

H📱: big

H☝️: (puts his hand up ready for a high five)

Big high five indeed my bright boy!

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