Harry says… (vomited)

First off, apologies for the rather gag-inducing word for today’s edition of Harry says… But hey, we’ve got to use every opportunity to model new words. I’m also really hoping that all the modeling we did on today’s word might just buy us a bit of warning next time! 😁

Harry has really been experimenting with the suffixes (-ed / -ing / -s) available on his talker recently and interestingly, he’s also often choosing them appropriately. And today was no different. I’ll let you imagine what happened first, followed by J modeling:

J📱: feel sick vomit

H📱: vomited vomited vomited vomited vomited vomited

And on and on….

Poor little guy was clearly pretty traumatised by the whole thing and needed to talk it through.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do my 3rd load of washing and empty a can of disinfectant spray on our house!

Side note: anyone know how to get the smell out of a PODD book because at this rate we’re going to need a new one!

4 thoughts on “Harry says… (vomited)

  1. Oh Harry at least it wasn’t the iPad. But yes, I can imagine a wiffy PODD. Our PODD smells of peanut paste; luckily no anaphylactics in our classroom!


    1. Tell me about it, the iPad would have been a serious disaster! Peanut paste sounds much nicer than our current situation. Love the PODD but they really do get battered by our chatty boys!


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