Harry says… (gogo)

If I posted every time H talks about his beloved gogo (my mum) this blog would be called ‘Harry says gogo’, so I’ll just pop up the highlights.

I’m tidying breakfast away when Harry calls out to get my attention and is pointing at his talker in front of him. I walk over and look at the most recent words in the message window, which I didn’t hear whilst packing away.

H📱: gogo gorgeous

Well that’s a bit cute.

Later that day, my mum is over helping us with the Mount Everest of washing thanks to two sick children. H is watching TV and had this to say…

H📱: superhero gogo


2 thoughts on “Harry says… (gogo)

  1. Ok so… I have no words and far too many at the same time. Shit Michaela, you’re phenomenal. Just want to say that over and over and over again along with I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much. Damn, H is hilarious!! I just love the posts about his little ramblings! *sigh* thank-you, thank-you for being my friend. Love you xoxo


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