Harry says… (friend)

Our lovely friend Cathryn is visiting us and we’re all having a chat.

H📱: Lucy (Lucy is Cathryn’s daughter so not surprising that H is bringing her up)

M: Are you asking Cathryn where Lucy is?

H📱: friend

He wasn’t asking where Lucy was, he wanted to tell us that she’s his friend. Heart. Melt.

This is the first time I have seen Harry use the word ‘friend’ when I haven’t been modeling it for him and it’s just the sweetest thing.

Side note: I really have to watch that I don’t put words into Harry’s head. I can’t presume to know what Harry has to say and clearly in this instance I was wrong!  This is a great post from the Uncommon Sense blog that deals with that concept: I Am Not A Mind Reader (And Neither Are You)

I am slowly getting better at waiting and making sure I give the boy a chance… (Hmmm, funny that!)

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