Harry says… (see)

H and T have just finished breaky and we’re having a chat while J is getting ready for work. H is pointing to the word ‘see’ in his PODD a lot, so I decide to turn it into a Brown Bear Brown Bear inspired game.

H📒: see

M: Tallulah Tallulah who do you see?

H📒:  who (wow haven’t modeled that much, and a bit unexpected, but cool!)

M: Tallulah sees Harry. Harry, Harry who you see?

H📒☝️: see (then points to T)

H📒: see Gogo’s house

M: Gogo’s house is too far away, you can’t see it from here!

H📒: drive fast

This kid is not going to let a silly thing like distance get in his way. And he’s certainly getting quite a bit more creative with his requests to go to Gogo’s house!