The guided access model

The guided access model

The guided access mystery has been solved!

For a few days now, J and I have been baffled by seeing H happily playing on his Playschool app or checking out his photos on his talker iPad. We keep that iPad locked on his communication app using guided access* with a 4 digit pin. Guided access also means he can’t get stuck into some creative programming on his communication app while I’m not looking! However, a certain cheeky little monkey has figured out exactly what to do about that and I caught him red-handed on camera! Brilliant. Have a quick watch of exhibit a:

Click here to watch – Guided access mystery video

Let it be known that I am absolutely chuffed about this! I love that he has totally out-smarted us and I hope that he continues to do so.

It did get me thinking about modeling. Right from the beginning of our AAC journey when we were first using a 12 location PODD communication book with Harry, our speechie told us to model on the PODD and not to worry whether he was looking or not. And definitely not to force him to look. Just keep modeling and keep engaging him with things that motivated him – there was a lot of food and Wiggles chat!

Even now, I still sometimes find it hard not to say ‘look Harry, look at this button’ as I don’t want him to miss what I think is an important modeling moment. But I don’t need to do that and the mystery of the guided access has proved that. We have never drawn Harry’s attention to times when we’ve been putting guided access on and off, but quite clearly he has been carefully paying attention, watching every key stroke and committing it to memory. Until the time was right, and boom, hello Playschool goodbye communication app.

Time for a new guided access pin.

* For those of you not familiar with guided access, it’s a clever tool on iPads that allows you to lock into an app so that when you press the home button the app doesn’t close. It also allows you to make specific areas on an app not respond to touch. This is especially handy when you don’t want wandering little hands to make crazy programming modifications or to click through to the App Store and have some fun with your credit card! It’s also fairly involved to get out of guided access – you have to press the home buttons 3 times, key in a 4 digit pin, press a small button on the top left corner and then press the home button again to get out of the app. So all in all, a fairly complex maneuver!